Starting Point

It is never too late to commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it only depends on you and the benefits will be for you only. However, there is a preconception that these changes require a high level of suffering and sacrifices, that healthy choices are more expensive and that certain treats are forbidden, specially those meals that evoke our roots, families and cultures. If that’s the scenario, we agree, it is not fair!

However, there are ways to be healthy without the suffering, overspending and at the same time enjoying these treats and cultural connections. It is true, it is necessary to make some very specific changes and tweak some things, but without major sacrifices and with excellent results for your health.

Yes it is possible to enjoy a good health, have all of that positive energy always and enjoy a wellness that gets transmitted to all of what we do without suffering. Being healthy is contagious, but without requiring many visits to the doctor office.

And one day you decided it is the day and you started it. It is not when but doing it.

This is how we started with our  Basic Mix which became our own starting point, first as a Healthy Arepa Fit and then quickly evolving in all of these colorful and delicious recipes we share here.

Commit yourself to that change and enjoy!


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