We’re a small family-owned business startup – in its “family & friends” stage-  embarked on this adventure and getting ourselves known while designing a healthy meal and vegan recipes of flour mixes originally inspired on the “Arepas” but not limited to it.

“Arepas” are a fundamental meal of the South Caribbean cultures and in countries like Venezuela, they are a plate by itself. Originally made with milled corn, stuffed with a variety of ingredients, such as meat, cheese, chicken, avocado, salads, eggs and then cooked mostly by grilling. In certain regions like in the Colombian coast, fried.

Obviously, it constitutes a very substantial and quite complete meal by itself, being part of strong and satiating breakfast. However, there are factors that derailed its intrinsic benefits, such as the use of oils, greases and, most especially,  of refined flours artificially enriched and genetically modified. Once again, another example of the industrialized massification affecting the quality and nutritive contribution. As a matter of fact, whoever wants to switch to a healthy lifestyle has to erase this cultural delicatessen permanently.

Our Founder, Carolina Santos, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, grew up in the Colombian coast with her Colombian and Venezuelan family. Full of the typical Caribbean Flavor she established in Miami and started up this venture, devoting herself to helping others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle but less restrictive in terms of the pleasure and passion for eating well and maintain a connection to their cultural roots.

To do so, she tweaked the ingredients for the Arepas, erasing completely any trace of industrially refined or processed components of the flour and switching ingredients of its stuffing. The almost artificial corn was replaced by carefully picked whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. And from that Basic Mix, complementing with super foods to boost specific properties and benefits.

Another improvement is making the knead process almost instantaneous and perfectly measured, just adding nothing else than water and using one hand in a soup plate. And going to the pan or grill immediately without any other additive. No butter, no oils, no minutes, no precooking.

The dough made from the mixes can be used not only for Arepas but for empanadas, vegan patties, pizzas, pancakes, etc. and we also have a Brownie mix that allows you to cook it in 5′ in a skillet!

In conclusion, you can enjoy a meal with low calories (less than a slice of bread actually), full of nutrients, of excellent flavor and fast to make.

Last but not least, you can contact us and we’ll help you on your journey the same way we do it in ours!. Hope you enjoy it.

The Family of A Punta de Arepa.

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