Red Quinoa Arepa

Version en español

Initially, this mix was intended to make pancakes, however I love eating arepas. Arepas are part of my culture, and I just can’t scape from them. That is why I gave it a try, and the experiment worked beautifully! You can use all of our mixes to make arepas!


Ingredients for 1 arepa:

1 Scoop of the Red Quinoa Mix or any other mix you would like

1/2 Scoop of water

Pinch of salt


Put the Red Quinoa Mix – you can use any other mix – in a bowl, stir the salt into the mix. Pour water little by little over the Red Quinoa Mix and mix well with your hands.

Shape it into a smooth ball.  Add more water if needed — the dough should be moist enough so that you can shape the arepa without the dough forming lots of cracks around the edges. Give it a disk shape and make it thick or thin. Use your fingers to smooth out any cracks along the edges.

Heat a cast iron skillet on medium heat. Use spray oil cooking. Place it in the pan.

Cook the arepa about 5 minutes on each side. The surface should dry and form a crust. They will brown slightly but do not let them brown too much. If they are browning too fast, lower the heat. Look for a nice crust but still soft on the inside.

Open the arepa with the help of a sharp knife.

Serve it warm!  Some fillings ideas: cheese, eggs, avocado or shredded chicken. 


I use a cast iron pan from Le Creuset 

You may use paper napkins to grab the arepa, so you do not burn your hands while you open it

To grease the pan I use organic oil cooking spray


Calories: 210 • Fat(g): 7.6 • Carbs (g): 30.4 • Fiber (g): 4.6 • Protein (g): 6.6

Good source of iron, pottassium and calcium.

Red Quinoa:

  • Regulates blood sugar levels. 
  • provides a rich source of fiber and protein for vegans and vegetarians
  • provides us with 10% daily value of iron
  • contains only healthy unsaturated fat that helps to keep cholesterol levels low and helps maintain heart health. 

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