Choco-Banana Skillet Brownies

This recipe was inspired in those days when I’m craving chocolate like crazy. I say to my self:  I want chocolate. I want brownies. I want something healthy. I don’t want to overeat. I don’t want to use the oven. I don’t have a microwave. I still want chocolate. I still want brownies. I want it fast. I want to use the stove top. I want it now. If  you are like me, try this recipe to cook brownies in a skillet in 6 minutes or less!

Thank you Maye Rua for your beautiful pictures!



Ingredients for one serving

1 scoop of the Choco-banana Mix

1/2 to 1 scoop of water



Dissolve the sweetener in 1/2 scoop of water. Put it aside and keep it handy.

In a small bowl, put the choco-banana mix and 1/2 scoop of water and the sweetener.  Stir it with a fork and add more water if the batter is still dry. Put it aside and keep it handy.

Prepare your cast iron or anti adherent pan with cooking spray oil.

On a medium heat, place the pan and add a little bit of the batter. Just a little bit! This is for you to check if more sweetener is needed. Cook it, try it, adjust the sweetener, and then add the rest of the batter. Cook both sides, but make sure is still fudgy chewy inside.

Pictures were taken by Maye Rua. She made 5 scoops because she was expecting to save some for the weekend. Guess what? The brownies lasted 1 day and a half.

These brownies are a healthy and vegan option for your entire family.


Our Choco-Banana Mix does not contain any sweetener. 

Besides of chocolate and banana,  our Choco-Banana Mix also contain legumes and carob.

  • Carob tannins contain Gallic acid that works as an analgesic, anti-allergic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic. Carob improves digestion and lowers cholesterol level in the blood. It is used for treating diarrhea in children and adults alike. More info: Official Partner of the LiveStrong Foundation
  • Legumes are really good for you because:
  1. They are low in fat.
  2. They are high in protein.
  3. They have folate, potassium , iron and magnesium, which are all good for your body.
  4. They have lots of fibre which means that your body doesn’t digest it all, and what’s left acts as a broom to sweep out your digestive system, keeping cholesterol levels down and helping your heart.
  5. They have phytochemicals  which are compounds which may help prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. More info: The Child and Youth Health web site

 Choco-Banana Mix (1 scoop): 

Calories: 223 • Fat(g): 5.1 • Carbs (g): 37.9 • Fiber (g): 7.2 • Protein (g): 4.3


Sweeteners: Stevia, agave, xylitol, honey, coconut sugar, sugar from dates. 

My favorite Sweetener: Stevia however my husband doesn’t like it, so date sugar would do the work

Serve it with ice cream.  

My favorite low calorie ice cream: Red Velvet-  Halo Top. Where to Buy it? Whole Foods

Dust with powdered peanut butter or cocoa or both! 




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